There is something happening. An ending, a beginning an intention, an opening. Whatever your experience of life is at this moment, there is high vibrational support that can serve as a remembering, as a touchstone, as a prayer. So whether you are ~Birthing something new ~Closing a door to what no longer serves ~Calling for more Love and connection ~Using your voice in a new way ~Setting boundaries ~Honoring a Life ~Upleveling your game ~Letting something or someone go ~Integrating your whole self Whatever your reason... ​ I have been creating with stones and designing for over 15 years and I have customized pieces for folks who have used this as a totem to support them. ​Let's create something together!

About The Designer

I believe in finding rest at the center of our being is our most vital component of self care and personal well being. I am a dedicated and passionate soul, my name is Sharonda, and I breathe life into my jewelry designs by infusing spirituality and mindfulness within each piece. As a Polarity Coach/Energy Practitioner, my passion extends beyond crafting beautiful pieces – it's about holding space for you to find solace at the core of your being. Guiding you to deeper trust, amplifying your unique voice, and inviting you to embark on a journey towards self-discovery. Step into the realm where mindfulness meets creativity; join me in exploring these tangible expressions of personal evolution.

The Channel

This is a transformative exploration where we uncover the intertwining threads of spirituality, self-care, and rest. Gain insights into cultivating a deeper connection with yourself and the world around you. Let's embark on a journey of self-discovery and embrace the power of nurturing the soul.
I love the pieces of jewelry Sharonda created for me. They are symbolic of my inner... — Lori C.
Just received my luna necklace and wow...Simply WOW. First of all, the delivery was... — Oona Odegard